Funeral Services

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1Five Events has delivered audio visual services to funerals, memorials and services all over the north of England and The Borders. And whether family, friend or funeral director, we’re well placed to ensure that your loved one or client gets the remembrance they deserve.

We can provide the following services, and do so with the utmost respect and consideration for the deceased, and those left behind. 

Live Streaming & Recording

Particularly right now, you may find that not everyone that wants to can make it to the physical location of the funeral, or you are limited by venue capacity.

That’s why we offer the ability to live stream the memorial to the internet, allowing any of those who are unable to attend the ability to do so remotely, and still watch and engage with the service. We have found that this is one of our most greatly appreciated services, and has seen people attending from Abu Dhabi, the USA, Australia, and sometime even the house next door to the church!

We can work alongside the stewardship or management of the funeral venue to achieve this, along with clergy or celebrants, with minimal input or extra hassle for yourselves. We attempt to be as out of the way as possible, allowing the service to run as if we weren’t even there.

This is possible at all but the most remote of locations, and where it is not possible, we can instead record the service as-live and get it posted as soon as possible after the service – we aim for a four hour turnaround from the end of the service to the video being available, conditions permitting.

And if you need a simpler memento of the service, audio-only recording is also available.


What do you do when you can’t fit everybody into the village church?

We can provide overflow feeds when the popularity of those being remembered exceeds the capacity of the venue. Most often this involves putting a speaker in the churchyard, allowing guests to follow the coffin or the family to the church, and still engage with any graveside memorial after. It’s as close as you could get to being inside the building.

Better still, as an extra if you are utilising our live streaming or video recording service above, we can provide a video feed to one or multiple TV screens, giving an even greater connection to the memorial.

As with all of our funeral services, we  provide all of this with the most minimal disruption to the funeral.

PA & Audio/Video Playback

Your loved one left a playlist as long as your arm of music to play at their funeral, but the venue has no way of playing it? Or worried that the sound of the eulogies might disappear into the rafters of that cavernous church?

Not to worry. With years of experience serving the events industry, we are perfectly placed to provide amplification and music playback for memorials of all kinds.

We can utilise a collection of radio and lectern microphones to ensure that the right parts of the service are amplified for all to hear. And with our experience working on funerals, we can also work with you and your celebrant to play the right tracks at the right time to help everyone remember the person they represent.

We can also offer video playback via our portable TV screens, allowing you to play video messages, memorial videos or photo slideshows to attendees, to show off the life of the one being remembered.

Memorial Videos

A new service, working alongside our media wing, 1Five Film, we can work with you to produce a memorial video of your loved one. You collate every bit of media you can think of to do with them – mostly photos, but also songs, videos and message from family – and we shall work sensitively to make that into a memorial video that you can have as a keepsake to remember your loved one.

You may want to do this before the funeral, to show it at the service, or more likely you might want to do this a couple of weeks later once things have settled down. In which case, if you have booked us to live stream or record the service, we can use snippets of the funeral in the memorial video, should you wish.

Given the sensitive nature of this, we tend not to show them off too much after, however we have a family that has graciously allowed us to use the photo slideshow we made for them as an example piece for you to decide if it is right for you, so please do get in touch privately if you would like to see that.


Anything Else

We are always up for discussions on ways that we may help you and others engage with an act of remembrance for lost loved ones, and we are aware that many of those won’t fit into the boxes described above. 

So, if you think we can help, please do get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you. 

Funeral Directors

If you are a funeral director, we’d love to establish an ongoing relationship with you. We can offer guide prices to you for all the services listed above, allowing you to approach your clients confidently with the services you can offer them, and we are happy to run as white-label (or otherwise) as you like.

We can talk directly with you, or you can pass us the client’s details and we’ll handle everything from there. Equally, we can run via your disbursements (preferred) or directly to the client. 

And our personal service means we are available seven days a week, should you need to check availability or arrange something last minute.

If you’d like to work with us to offer the above services to your families, get in touch using the link above.