The Gathering Cafe

We were contacted by the lovely people at The Gathering to ask if we could help them with their refit, by adding in a cafe-wide music playback system for day to day cafe use, and fit out their conference and multipurpose rooms upstairs.

We were able to go in during the construction phase of the cafe to ensure that the speaker system was able to gel with the rest of the decor. No hanging wires for this cafe! The brains of the system live behind the counter, where we fitted a multi-zone amp and mixer, allowing individual control of key areas of the cafe, including the bar and rear seating area. Audio sources included a media player, for general cafe muzak, an ‘auxillary’ lead, for staff to plug in phones and other media devices, and XLR inputs placed strategically around the cafe, to facilitate potentially using the system for future music nights.

Upstairs, we set about providing a system for the large multipurpose room that was largely portable, allowing it to be packed into a corner when not in use, and be carried downstairs to the cafe if event needs required it, but also support full bands.
We sourced some lightweight, sturdy staging, which could be put together and taken apart by a single person. We supplied a three piece speaker system to give the punch to carry across any room in the building, along with an easy to use mixer to ensure sound could be operated by volunteers. Going into this was all you could ever need to run a presentation or music event, including a two speaker foldback system, and a series of wireless microphones, both handheld and lapel. Then we popped in some mobile truss and fitted it with super bright LED pars, and a computer based control system.
Given the room’s multi-functional usage, we also fitted an adjustable projector, along with all necessary cabling, to the ceiling, with enough brightness to still be crisp even in the well lit room.

We also fitted a media playback system for movies, including a projector, sound system and uplighting in the youth room just down the corridor.

Tech Specs

Cafe System
JBL Control  Speakers
Samson S-Zone Mixer
Apart Media Player
Electrovoice Amplifier

Multipurpose Room
Revostage Staging
Electrovoice Spekaers
Behringer Xenyx Mixer
Behringer Monitors
Samson DI Boxes
Shure GLXD Wireless Microphones
Shure SM58 Wired Microphones
Stairville Trussing
Stairville LED Pars
InFocus Projector

Youth Room
JBL Control Speakers
ART Mixer
ADJ Amplifier
Chauvet Uplighting
InFocus Projector